About Me

I am passionate about providing women with a safe, supportive community where they can discover and become their most authentic selves. I have led women’s groups, both in person and online, in a variety of different settings for more than 25 years: as a La Leche League Leader, as a circle leader at my church, as a part of my business, and with a group of very close friends.

I believe that even though we may hold different spiritual beliefs, we are all much more alike than we are different. We are seeking a community where we can shed the artifices of our daily lives, let our hair down, and simply be ourselves without fear of any kind. We want to have more time and energy to devote to our important relationships, whether that be family or friends. We want to succeed in our jobs and careers. We want life to be meaningful.

I believe every living thing in the world functions on energy, as do many things throughout the universe. I believe we are all connected through this same source of energy. For me, the source of that energy is God. For you, the source may be the energy itself or something else entirely. Whatever our beliefs, we can all use that energy to connect with each other.

I use a number of different tools to help me in my faith practice and in my quest to create a more meaningful, connected life. I love essential oils, crystals, Reidi, meditation and mindfulness, yoga, and tarot and oracle cards.

Whatever your personal beliefs, I am happy to do a Tarot or oracle reading for you. Everyone is welcome here!

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