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I am so glad you are here. I hope you will be part of my journey toward creating a life filled with more purpose, love, and community. Keep reading to learn more about how we can share our seeker’s journeys.

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If you’re like me, this past year has given you time to think about what is truly important to you. I have realized more than ever that it is the people in my life that provide me with the most meaning and the richest experiences. I am very lucky to be surrounded with family members and friends from all around the world who have helped me get through the many and varied stresses of 2020.

I’ve also learned that many people do not have the same type of network that I am fortunate enough to have. I have encountered so many people who are struggling, feeling as if they are alone and terribly disconnected from anything that can give their lives meaning and value. They don’t have a safe place to simply be themselves and explore options for meaning and connection.

Throughout my life, wherever I am and whatever I happen to be doing, I seem to have had a knack for drawing people together and creating safe communities. That is why I have created Purposeful Intentions: to create a community where all women can feel safe sharing their joys, their pain, their struggles, their failures, and their successes as they try to weave a life centered around what is truly important to them.

I have created a Facebook group where we can all gather to share with each other in a safe environment, knowing that no discrimination or hate speech of any kind will be tolerated. We come from many different backgrounds and life experiences, so we may not all agree but we will always treat each other with kindness and respect.

I know, there are plenty of Facebook groups already out there, so why should you want to join yet another one and risk that it will be yet another unhealthy place filled with anger, strife, and conflict? I hope this group will be quite different, in that it will help all of us explore together and share how and why we have found various tools to be helpful in adding meaning, purpose, and intention to our lives.

Here are some of the activities and topics you may find in our group.

  • Book discussions
  • Craft projects
  • Tarot and oracle cards and readings
  • Aromatherapy and essential oils
  • Numerology
  • Astrology
  • Crystal healing
  • Energy healing
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness exercises
  • Planning

If all this sounds intriguing, I hope you will join us over on Facebook!

I hope I’ll see you there soon!


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