Energy Exchange Policy

Here at Purposeful Intentions, we are passionate about building a safe community for people who share our interests in communing with nature and Spirit to build a life filled with purpose and intention, allowing us to build deep connections with each other. We put a lot of love, energy, time, and other resources into creating the events that we offer free to our community on a regular basis throughout the year. The energy we expend on our events is a true gift of love to our community.

We also firmly believe in the empowerment of a healing, equal energy exchange. When someone feels as if they are constantly receiving a favor or something which they have not earned, it creates an energy imbalance which can often leave them feeling guilty or unworthy of what they have received. When someone feels as if they have not been recognized for their contributions, it creates a different type of energy imbalance, leaving them feeling burdened and resentful. Unbalanced energy exchanges create negative energy, and we truly wish to avoid all of that.

When both parties continue equitably (not equally) to an energy exchange, the exchange is balanced and healing for everyone. If you would like to contribute to the high-vibrational positive energy at our events, here are some ways in which you can add your own energy:

*Bring a kind, receptive, and open attitude with you

*Be respectful to all those around you.

*Be on time for events.

*Silence your phone and other electronic devices during the event.

*When possible, make a donation. Your financial contribution allows us to procure the resources necessary to produce these events. A cash donation jar is available at many events or you can make a donation via here. Donations are never required or expected, but they are much appreciated when you choose to acknowledge our energy in this way.

No matter what form of energy exchange you are able to offer, we value your presence at our events. We want you to have an enjoyable experience every time. If there is anything we can do to help you .have a more pleasant experience, please send a message to our Facebook page.

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