full moon behind tree with no leaves

Monthly Full Moon Releasing Ceremony

Join us for our FREE regular monthly Full Moon Releasing Ceremony at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment. The date changes every month with the full moon. We choose a date that Lowe Mill is open to the public within 2 days before or after the actual date of the full moon. Our ceremonies are deliberately designed to be accessible and comfortable for people of all faiths or no faith at all. No specific deity or deities are referenced so each person is free to refer to their own interpretation.

ON HIATUS: These ceremonies are on hiatus and will resume in January 2024. Check back in December for the 2024 schedule.

* Welcome
* Cleansing with sage or cedar
* Recognizing the energies of the 4 elements + Spirit
* Meditation
* Releasing and burning ceremony
* Closing
* Social time to make new friends

This event is open to everyone of all ages and any or no religion or spiritual path. ALL are welcome!

* Paper and pen or pencil
* Folding lawn chair or yoga mat

Park in the back Smokestack parking lot. We will meet in the grassy area between Doors 16 and 17, outside Studio 150.

Whenever possible, we will hold the event inside SPARKLE Studio. If there are too many people to fit comfortably, we will move to the First Floor Connector when it is available.

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