Oracle Card of the Day: 04/01/21

A sparkly green goddess figurine in yoga position, a sea biscuit, and a birds of paradise oracle card

Today’s card encourages us to embark on a new adventure. After all that’s happened this past year, this may feel a little frightening.

A new adventure doesn’t have to mean a big journey heading far from home. (Although, really, what I’d love right now is a two-week trip to visit many of the spiritual places in Ireland.)

Maybe your new adventure will involve planning a trip to take when that is possible again. Or maybe you want to venture out more into nature in your local area with walks and hikes. Maybe you want to start learning a new language, a new craft, or a new hobby.

If you don’t feel ready to tackle a new adventure right now, maybe you can start thinking about possible new adventures for the future.

What type of new adventure would you like to take? Leave a comment below.

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