Oracle Reading 11/09/20

Today I drew the Wish card from the Roots and Wings oracle deck.

Do you remember blowing on a dandelion and making a wish when you were a child?

This card encourages us to make a wish with the same innocence and enthusiasm as a young child would. Give it all you’ve got as you blow every single piece off the dandelion bloom.

My wish: That we can all begin a period of healing, realizing that the vast majority of us want what is best for this country, even though we may disagree on the best way to get there. I hope we can put aside enmity and hate, and that we can begin approaching each other with a spirit of kindness and compassion, if we can’t quite get all the way to loving each other yet. I wish that we’ll be able to talk with each other with respect, be open to learning more about each other’s actual lived experiences, and finally understand what others need so that we can all lead safe, financially secure, and satisfying lives. I wish that we’ll be able to create innovative new ways for all of us to have lives full of meaning, love, and connection, where we can focus on more than just mere survival.

What is your wish? Leave a comment here or come join the discussion in our Facebook group.

Love and light,


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