Oracle Reading 11/23/20

Today’s card is from the Enchanted Map oracle by Colette Baron-Reid and illustrated by Jena Dellagrottaglia Maldonado.

33 Peaks of Joy, card from the Enchanted Map oracle

Card 33 is titled Peaks of Joy. A woman is leaping and soaring joyfully above the clouds, accompanied by a butterfly, a symbol of transformation.

This card is a reminder that, whatever your situation, joy can still be found all around you. Situations are always changing. Take a moment to be still, to quiet your thoughts, to open your eyes and look for instances of joy all around you.

Most of us probably aren’t going to encounter the joy of winning a lot of money in the lottery, but there is joy in every day life. A beautiful brightly-colored fall leaf. The taste and aroma of a fresh cup of coffee. A phone call with a beloved friend of family member. Cuddling with a pet. Time spent serving others in a food kitchen. The beauty of the moon and stars at night. Spending time re-reading a favorite book.

Solitary or in the company of others, instances of joy are all around us if we make the time to look for them.

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