Oracle Reading 11/30/20

Today’s card is from the Enchanted Map oracle by Colette Baron-Reid and illustrated by Jena Dellagrottaglia Maldonado. The goddess figurines are from Molly Remer at Brigid’s Grove.

Movement card from The Enchanted Map oracle

Card 28 is titled Movement. When you look closely, you can see movement represented in a variety of ways: the waves of the water, the grasses and clouds moving in the wind, a windmill, and a hot air balloon. The ostrich, while it cannot fly, is the fastest bird on land. It is carrying one of the slowest animals on land, a snail, on its head. How should we interpret all these things.

First of all, we should realize that now is the time for movement. Many of us have felt stuck in place for much of 2020. We’ve been trying to stay safe and healthy, staying in our homes as much as possible, and avoiding travel and a lot of moving around. This has taken its toll on our spirits and even our bodies.

Maybe now is time to start moving. The waves, grasses, clouds, windmill, and hot air balloon can represent the many types of movement and choices that are available to us. It’s probably still not safe to travel long distances and go on extended recreational trips, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start planning our next trip. We can investigate possible destinations, learn about things to do while we’re there. If we’re thinking about travel to a foreign country, now is a great time to start learning the language.

Many of us have not been following our old fitness and exercise routines. Now may be the time to start moving our bodies more. It’s getting cold in many locations, so what about movement in the house? Maybe it’s a good time to start learning yoga: there are all different styles. Whether you’re a fitness buff or more of a couch potato, you can find a type of yoga that is perfect for you. Or maybe it’s time to get physical around the house by decluttering and deep cleaning. Scrubbing a toilet or mopping the floor can be some good cardiovascular activity!

Maybe the movement that is needed is in our personal relationships. Some of us may need to take steps toward ending unhealthy relationships. Others may need to take action to refresh and revitalize important relationships with family and friends. Why not create some old-fashioned hand-written letters and postcards as a way to stay connected with those we cannot see right now?

This list is not meant to be exhaustive. Take some time and think about how this card can apply to your particular situation. There is no wrong or right answer, just what may work for you. Maybe you have ideas on what type of movement is needed in your life. I’d love it if you would share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

Helping you find a type of movement is not all this card is about. It’s also telling you that the speed of your movement is not what’s most important. Perhaps your life situation will only allow you to move at a snail’s pace right now. It’s important to realize that is completely okay, and that you don’t have to, and actually shouldn’t, compare yourself to those who are moving faster than you. This card is also telling you that even though you may be able to move quickly, moving as quickly as possible may not be the best way to approach things. It’s important to take some time to focus on the activities of our movement, to live and be fullly present in the moment. Take time to smell the roses, to really experience and enjoy what you are doing. The fact that you are moving at all is much more important than how fast or how slow you may be moving.

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