7-Chakra/Rainbow/Pride Bracelet


This aromatheray energy gemstone bracelet has been hand-crafted and charged with Reiki energy to bring peace, spiritual healing, and protection to your life. You may wish to wear this bracelet to balance your chakras, celebrate LGBTQ+ pride, or just because you like rainbows. Wear the bracelet for whatever reason resonates with you: the choice is yours.

7 Chakra Affirmations

  • Crown: I am connected.
  • Third eye: I am guided.
  • Throat: I am authentic.
  • Heart: I am enough.
  • Solar plexus: I am empowered.
  • Sacral: I am creative.
  • Root: I am supported.

SIZING OPTIONS: Scroll down to see available sizes. We will send a MEDIUM size by default unless you leave a not specifying you need another size.

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Crown chakra: white quartzite

Third eye chakra: purple jasper

Throat chakra: blue agate

Heart chakra: green aventurine

Solar plexus chakra: tiger’s eye

Sacral chakra: picture jasper

Root chakra: red fire agate

Bracelet also contains black lavastone, black jasper, and silvertone beads.


Our aromatherapy energy bracelets are strung on elastic cord to accommodate a wide range of wrist sizes.

Small: 6.5″, pre-teen to a smaller woman
Medium: 7″, average woman or thin man
Large: 7.5″, larger woman or average man

Additional sizes available upon request. Please include your wrist measurement in the Notes section when placing your order.

These bracelets are not suitable for young children due to  the beads being a potential choking hazard if the elastic cord breaks.

Weight4 oz
Dimensions6 × 4 × .25 in

Large, Medium, Small


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