Knitter’s Oracle Deck


Fortune-telling cards for yarn people! This deck is loosely based on the 36-card Lenormand–Wild Hunt’s personal favorite cartomancy deck–customized for fiber folks. (Yep, crocheters, you’re in there too!) The cards are high quality, full color, and tarot-sized, and will arrive in a custom lidded box along with an insert to explain the meaning of each card. Designed by your friendly neighborhood knitter-witch-illustrator, Alexandra Tinsley of Wild Hunt.

The Knitter’s Oracle is an easy deck to read–each card is relatively straightforward (compared to say, the tarot) and with only 36 cards, it becomes easy to commit to memory for breezy reading. You can do anything from a one-card pull, to a 3-card past/present/future (our favorite) to a full 36-card “Grand Tableau.” The Knitter’s Oracle doesn’t match the Lenormand card-for-card, or spread-for-spread: we went ahead and put our own spin on the traditional deck (and made it gender-neutral while we were at it.)

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