New Year Reading


$50 off through January 31, 2021

This 12-card reading is designed to give you additional insight into the energies surrounding you during the past year followed by insight and guidance for various issues and concerns you may encounter during the coming year.

Having this information in advance may help you make better-informed decisions as you progress through the coming year.


Please read my Tarot and Oracle Readings Terms of Service prior to purchasing a reading.

Readings are for entertainment purposes only.

My life readings are designed to give you additional insight into and guidance for various issues and concerns you are dealing with. We will work together to determine how the cards apply to your life and how you can use the information they contain to deal with any challenges and build the life you desire.

The cards can reveal past patterns of behavior, how those patterns may have been harmful or beneficial for you, and how those patterns are affecting the current trajectory of your life. They can help you see pathways to either keep on track towards a desirable outcome or how to veer off course and change an unwanted outcome.

My readings will provide a very practical application to your life. I will take into account your personal material circumstances and your own experiences to help you determine what you can control, what you cannot control, and help you learn how to respond to both situations.

I will help you find solutions to any problems or concerns you may have.

We will discuss your concerns and issues via email, and decide which 3-card layout will work best for your situation. I will then perform a reading, write it up, then send it to you in PDF format including a photo of the cards. Please allow up to three (3) business days from date of purchase for PDF to be sent.

I am not a psychic, so I cannot tell you with certainty what the future holds. I am an intuitive empath, and I can help you figure out what may happen if you continue following your current path or if you make certain changes to your life.

Readings are for entertainment purposes only.


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