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This 16-card reading gives you information about 16 cards that can give you insight, guidance, and inspiration, all selected for you based on your date of birth. Knowledge of these cards can help you identify recurring themes you encounter throughout your lifetime and provide you with guidance on how to navigate these life situations.

Credit to Tarot for Yourself by Mary K. Greer for identifying these cards and information on how you can use them in your life.

  • Personality Card
  • Soul Number Card
  • Hidden Factor Card
  • Current Year Card
  • 4 Numerological Lessons and Opportunities Cards
  • Zodiac Card
  • 3 Zodiac Lessons and Opportunities Cards
  • Destiny Card
  • Personal Potential Card
  • Inner Teacher Card
  • Mode of Expression Card

Please read my Tarot and Oracle Readings Terms of Service prior to purchasing a reading.

Readings are for entertainment purposes only.

I will contact you via email for information about your date of birth. Within 3 business days after receiving that information, I will send you a PDF with images of your selected cards and key words/meanings for each card.



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