Tarot and Oracle Reading Testimonials

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Well done!

What I really loved about your reading is how you focused on the images and pulled additional messages (I.e. the tide flowing, salamander, cats, etc.). It added an additional layer to the traditional meanings and made the reading more personal. The explanations resonated with me because I am in the innermost core card. The way you tied and referred back to the card with details- made sense. I wasn’t expecting the shadow card and it was a pleasant surprise. Well done.

Great reading!

Overall a positive reading that serves as a reminder that dreaming is good, but manifesting those dreams requires less emotion and more grit and productivity. And, that with a concentrated effort, I will be able to see real change and prosperity. Thanks for the great reading!

Useful information!

I like how you summarized everything at the end as well. I found you took a lot of attention to each card and gave a great interpretation for all of them. I found you gave useful advice that I could actually use. I think you connected with how I was feeling.

Beautiful reading!

Thank you for such a beautiful reading. I literally had goosebumps reading it as I could relate to it on so many terms.