Tarot Reading for Week of 11/09/20

I decided to use my new Witches Wisdom Tarot for this week’s tarot reading. I picked three cards to give us an overview of the energies surrounding this week, with no particular position or meaning assigned to any card.

3-card tarot reading (Goddess of Water, 16 Love, 13 Shaman)

I drew the Goddess of Water, 16 Love, and 13 Shaman. Since I drew two cards from the Major Arcana and 1 Court Card, we’ll all be encountering some major life issues as we progress through this week.

The Goddess of Water

16 Love:

13 Shaman:

I find this reading very positive and encouraging.

Deck: Witches Wisdom Tarot by Phyllis Curott and artwork by Danielle Barlow, published by Hay House.

Goddesses: From Molly Remer’s Etsy shop, Brigid’s Grove

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