Tarot Reading for Week of 11/16/20

3-card layout from the Witches Wisdom Tarot deck: 1 World, Witch of Earth, and 4 of Earth

I decided to use my new Witches Wisdom Tarot for this week’s tarot reading. This week I am using a 3-card layout for Stop, Start, Continue relating to the energies for this coming week. I’ll be reading the cards from left to right.

STOP: 1 World

As we have progressed through our lives, The World at large has beaten many of us down. Circumstances and other people have convinced us that we are somehow less than others, that we are not enough, that whatever we do it is not good enough. This card is your call to leave those limiting thoughts, patterns, and beliefs behind. Stop letting those things affect your perception of your value as a human being. You are good enough, just by virtue of being yourself.

START: Witch of Earth

The Witch of Earth is intimately connected to Mother Nature and the earth around and below us. She is calling you to look outward, to see the ways in which our earth and communities are in need of healing, and then to reach deep inside yourself to see how you can contribute to that healing. Start thinking abut the skills you need. Perhaps you have them already; perhaps you need to learn new skills. Start your part in the healing.

CONTINUE: 4 of Earth

The four standing stones depicted in this card are placed in the four elemental directions. The space within and around them is filled with a powerful vitality. They provide a place for us to ground ourselves and feel a connection with the Source of all creation. Even though you may not have a place exactly like this, you can find Nature in some form around you, wherever you happen to live. Continue to reach out to the nature around you, receiving freely the energy, strength, and healing it can provide you.

The Outlook: If we stop allowing beliefs of the past to hold us down, if we continue to let the nature around us strengthen and energize us, we will be able to start our journey to heal the world and those around us. The journey will not be an easy one. It will be fraught with setbacks and disappointments. But if we continue on with a positive outlook, who knows what amazing things the future can bring?

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