Tarot Reading for Week of 11/23/20

3-card layout using the Light Seer's Tarot: 10 of Wands, 7 of Cups, 6 of Cups

This week I am using the Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne Donnelly. This is currently my absolute most favorite tarot deck of all. There is just something about this deck that makes me feel “This IS me.” I love the colors, the artwork, the written card meanings.

This deck is very popular and can sometimes be difficult to find in stock, even on the publisher’s website. At the time of this writing, I have ten copies of the deck in stock. You can get a copy here. I promise these are legitimate decks purchased directly from the publisher; they are not copyright-infringing pirated decks purchased from an unscrupulous printer.

I drew 3 cards with no particular position in mind. I just wanted to see how the cards interact with each other to form an overall reading.

10 of Wands

The young woman in this card is carrying many burdens, and it looks like she’s been carrying them for quite some time. However, things are not as bad as they could be. She has a traveling companion in the ox, who is helping bear some of the burden for her. It also seems that she has been following a well-lit, well-worn path, so she has a clear way out of her current situation.

7 of Cups

This young man seems a bit confused by all the choices right in front of him. He knows he has a number of choices, but he can’t quite see the details of any of them. The options are shrouded in mist. There are dangers associated with some of them. The snake: Is it venomous? Does it indicate a trickster? Is that a bat wing or a dragon wing? What is the purpose of the ladders: Will they lead up and away from his choice or might they provide an easy way to change course if the choice isn’t what he envisioned?

Don’t forget to pay attention to the water flowing freely from one of the inverted bowls. Might that be symbolic of a choice that will lead to cleansing and healing? Look at the peacefulness of the water behind this young man. Perhaps there is a connection there.

6 of Cups

This card symbolizes family and connection to the past. You can see that, over time, the young child and puppy have grown into the dog and man of today. The man looks pensive and perhaps even sad, as if he is remembering all the fun of the past while also realizing he may not have a lot of time left with his beloved companion

What the Cards Mean for Us: For those of us here in the United States, this is Thanksgiving week. Many of us have recently become more aware of how our country was settled, and we feel deep regret for the atrocities our ancestors perpetrated on the indigenous peoples of this land. We carry that burden in our hearts.

Thanksgiving is also a time spent with family and chosen family for many of us. We’re also feeling the burdens of the covid pandemic and worrying about whether it’s safe to make a choice to get together in person this week, as we’ve done for many years

There are so many choices to make. Will we go to visit with others in person or will be stay at home with our housemates and visit with others virtually? If we decide we want to go to someone else’s home, is there a safe way to get there: plane, train, or automobile? Is there a way to gather safely outside or will the weather dictate that many people will be in a relatively small space inside? What are the risks? How can we decide what is acceptable for ourselves, the family members we’ll be with, and for all the strangers we may encounter along the way?

My family has decided not to have my adult children, who live 2 hours away, drive up. My sister and I each live a 2-minute drive from our parents’ house, but we won’t be spending the day with them. Instead, I’m making a meat lasagna and she’s making a veggie lasgna. We’ll split them in thirds, make a quick drop-off delivery, and let each household be responsible for their own salad, baked potatoes, and garlic bread. We’ll visit outside for a few minutes, talk on the phone for longer later in the day, and just spend a relaxing day in our own homes.

Although we’re sad to be missing out on our usual way-too-much-food Thanksgiving dinner, we’re hopeful that be being cautious this year, we’ll all be able to celebrate next year, with everyone safe, sound, and healthy.

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