Tarot Reading for Week of 11/30/20

3-card tarot reading with The World, Knight of Swords, and The Empress from the Light Seer's Tarot deck

This week I am using the Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne Donnelly. This is probably my signature deck, meaning that it actually feels like an extension of my thoughts and emotions.

This deck is very popular and can sometimes be difficult to find in stock, even on the publisher’s website. At the time of this writing, I have ten copies of the deck in stock. You can get a copy here. I promise these are legitimate decks purchased directly from the publisher; they are not copyright-infringing pirated decks purchased from an unscrupulous printer.

I drew 3 cards with no particular position in mind. I just wanted to see how the cards interact with each other to form an overall reading.

The World

You can feel the joy embodied by this card simply by looking at it. The young woman has stepped into the ouroboros ring, which is lifting her into the air as bright light shines upon her. She herself is radiating happiness. This card represents the successful completion of something: a task, a project, a period in your life. If you’re on a journey that you feel isn’t quite completed yet, take this card as an indication that the end is in sight and you will be quite successful.

Know what’s exciting about successful completion of a thing? You’ve got all the energy and excitement to propel you forward to a new adventure!

Knight of Swords

This card is full of vital, fast-moving, powerful, forward-moving energy. A bird soars swiftly in front of the young man who is running toward his motorcycle that is poised to carry him off on this path to a new adventure. This is the suit of Swords, indicating that the young man is using his wit and intelligence to guide him on his path.

Whenever you are ready to set out on your next new adventure, take advantage of this knight’s determination, intensity, passion, energy, and intelligence. Analyze the situation to determine your best course of action, then without stopping or doubting yourself, quickly get on your way.

The Empress

You can feel the power and love this Gaian woman has for all of creation. She nurtures all of life on the earth, connecting the earthly with the heavenly. She supplies energy for the growing vines around her; she has the healing, cleansing power of water surrounding her.

The Empress is a symbol of fertility, creativity, abundance, and unconditional love. She often shows up when you are ready to give birth to something new. This can mean giving birth to a new life, but it can also mean giving birth to new ideas, new experiences, new business opportunities, new friendships, new relationships.

She is here to let you know that you also have within you all that is needed to bring your dreams and desires into fruition. Trust in yourself.

What the Cards Mean for Us: Something that you’ve been working on or experiencing will soon be coming to a successful end, or perhaps you’ve already experienced something coming to a successful conclusion. Whe one thing stops or ends, it provides an opening or a beginning for something new to enter your life. Think critically about the new opportunities in front of you and about the best direction in which to move. Then get moving! Call upon your inner strength and convictions, your innate creativity, to nurture your dreams into reality.

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